When do classes take place?
Monday 6pm – 8pm / Wednesday 6pm – 8pm / Saturday 3pm – 5.30pm

What is your location?

Visitors from other dojos?
Every and all visitors from other dojo’s are very welcome to join us on the mats and or as spectators. Either just show up or contact Tony Sensei or Jeff Sensei in advance. You can find the phone numbers on the homepage.

Trial sessions?
Are you contemplating to start training in Aikido? Come on to the dojo and try! In case you do not have a “gi” yet, bring shorts and a t-shirt and perhaps a small sweat towel.

Are there private classes available?
Yes. Sensei Tony is happy to discus and set a time according your convenience. Use the contacts page or call 09 9249 0110.

How early/late can i arrive at the dojo?
How early you want to reach the dojo depends on ones fitness level. It takes time to warm up and loosen up ones joints and muscles. Arriving after when the class has started is no problem. Most important is, that a certain regularity in training is achieved.

What equipment is needed?
Aikido-ka (aka: a person studying aikido) wears a “Gi”. A Gi is a white cotton outfit consisting of pants and jacket. The jacket is held together with an “obi” or belt. Women and holders of “shodan” (black belt) are wearing a black or blue “hakama”. Many students are wearing a white or black t shirt or tank top under their gi. A small towel to wipe off ones sweat comes in handy. Aikido-ka wear slippers or sandals, from and to the locker room and during Iiaido training.

Where to buy required equipment?
There are several websites (www.tozandoshop.com and others) which supply aikido gi. In Bangkok there are some larger sport shops which carry a limited range of Gi (FBT opposite Ramkhamhaeng University/stadium and others around the National Stadium close to MBK diagonally opposite the Tesco Lotus)

What about refreshments?
The Mushin Ronin Dojo is not an air-conditioned room and sweat will flow! Liquids need to be replaced, so bring your water or preferred refreshment with you.

How about changing clothes and taking a shower?
Dojo members can join the Health Club of the Ambassador Hotel. Annual, semi-annual, quarter-annual, monthly and daily memberships are available. Please check with the Reception on the 2nd of the Racquet Club on Sukhuvit Soi 49. Ask for “Aikido”. The Racquet Club provides changing rooms as well as shower facilities. Bring your own towel.

Are there any restrictions on age or gender?
As per late 2015, our dojo’s youngest member is 17 years old and the most senior 75 years of age. Both females and males train in our dojo.

Is there any weapons training?
Yes, Sensei Tony mixes Kumitachi (hand to hand techniques) with training parts encompassing Jo, Bokken, Iiaito and Tanto techniques.